Choosing a Jar and pump

Every fusor and fusion system seems to need a vacuum. This area is for detailed discussion of vacuum systems, materials, gauging, etc. related to fusor or fusion research.
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Choosing a Jar and pump

Post by AlexSpies » Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:20 pm

I am currently trying to find out what kind of material and size of jar would be optimal for safety and cost keeping in mind i only aim to do demo's with my Fusor. I would prefer a open ended cylinder so that i could attach metal plates to either end and am currently considering obtaining one with a diameter or 7/8 inches and a height of 5/6 inches. I would like to know if those dimensions are appropriate and which material would be both the strongest and most cost effective.

In regards to the pump i was wondering whether anyone knows if the following pump would be any good?: ... 2eca0605c4

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Re: Choosing a Jar and pump

Post by Carl Willis » Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:45 pm

In case you missed it, the site rules (which you had to read to apply for posting privileges) are taken seriously. You need to introduce yourself and your project ambitions in the forum for that purpose before authoring any other posts.

Asking "Will this work?" is just asking to be spoon-fed with the instant gratification of someone else's judgment: though it may help you with your immediate needs, it won't advance your understanding, and won't contribute value to the community as an archived discussion. Instead, you ought to get in the habit of reading the forum. At least be familiar with the FAQs as a prerequisite to posting questions. FAQs are in the top slot on each section's main page. Read this 2008 FAQ by Richard Hull about mechanical vacuum pumps, which I hope you will find preemptively answers your questions about the suitability of a 4 CFM refrigeration service vacuum pump:


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