Where to find cheap-ish turbos?

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Re: Where to find cheap-ish turbos?

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:36 pm

John is just being mindful of folks who are capable of following a point from A to B without being spoon fed statement after statement from the previous posting with follow up responses like, "wow my jaw dropped" or... I didn't even know this or that existed as a response to the quote. Worse still, are quotes within quotes, (probably some sort of internet art form, I guess).

Speak your mind, impart information or ask questions as needed related to any prior post. Most folks who pack the gear needed to do fusion are, indeed capable of absorbing and following a post's thread. They are clever that way.

I usually refresh by saying "in regard as to what is the best grid material, I have found that..........." This keeps your flow going and not someone elses, perhaps, less than perfect missive.

Your replies should be yours and not one half to three quarters of someone else's.

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Re: Where to find cheap-ish turbos?

Post by krfkeith » Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:18 pm


As the adminstrator of these forums, I respect your freedom to enact rules as you see fit. That being said, don't you think the way in which you responded was just a bit too, well, condescending? Moreover, don't you think it's rather elitist and self-congratulatory to essentially to say that people who find it easier to follow threads with quoting are dull, and that people who build fusors are above such plebeians? I mean, obviously it takes some dedication to make one, but it doesn't make you some kind of genius, nor does it make people without the inclination to do so stupid. And preferring quotes as a stylistic choice especially doesn't either. I dunno, I guess what I'm saying is that there are ways to disagree without basically calling those who do idiots in so many words.

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Re: Where to find cheap-ish turbos?

Post by Carl Willis » Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:11 am

Block-quoting and nested block-quoting are new to members who got accustomed to this forum over the decade or so before conversion from W-Agora to phpBB just this summer. It's clear there are divergent opinions on the subject. My own feeling is that nothing in this thread has crossed an obvious line. I think we can put a cork on the raging. And break it out on the occasion when some asocial mongoloid has the temerity to use the post quote button! (I'm sure we won't have to wait long.)

So there was a discussion about cheap turbopumps. My own menagerie of turbos came largely from the sale of old CRT evacuation equipment that landed on eBay last year. Most of those were the Pfeiffer TPH-065, sold as-is for $90 each by one seller who had many dozens of them. Periodically another lot surfaces. I obtained four pumps: three working pumps and one with a damaged rotor. I know a number of other fusioneers grabbed these pumps as well. This particular pump has a lower bearing that is easy to replace with a part that can be obtained from a bearing manufacturer for about $30. It is "rumored" to be the same bearing that Pfeiffer uses, but neither Pfeiffer nor the manufacturer will acknowledge that outright. The lube wick costs about $70 and is available from a local vacuum supply house here in Albuquerque. I also have a couple "pumping stations" based on the Alcatel ACH-31+ baby turbopump. In contrast to the Pfeiffer, there is nothing user-serviceable about this pump. Precision tooling is required to disassemble it. My suggestion is to keep a search going for more of the Pfeiffer TPH and TPD-series pumps. The driver board, TCP-035, is often held by the same person selling the pump, but neglected. The TCP-015 is a complete driver with the TCP-035 board, a switching power supply to power it, and a chassis with nice panel buttons. These, however, are rarely let go cheap.

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