Compatibility refererce for transducers, guages, and controllers???

Every fusor and fusion system seems to need a vacuum. This area is for detailed discussion of vacuum systems, materials, gauging, etc. related to fusor or fusion research.
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Compatibility refererce for transducers, guages, and controllers???

Post by scinut » Fri Mar 18, 2011 5:28 pm

Are there any cross reference internet sites showing which manufacturers transducers will work with which other manufacturers controllers, guages etc, or how to adapt/interface them?

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Re: Compatibility refererce for transducers, guages, and controllers???

Post by Richard Hull » Fri Mar 18, 2011 8:41 pm

Thermocouple gauges are tube-transducer based and you must use the correct tube number with the correct controller. There are lists of tube equivalents as many tube makers use their own number on their own tubes which are identical to another companies number. Duniway and Lesker have such lists.

As for capacitive manometer gauges. The bulk of these output 0-10volt signals over simple linear decades and you can easily roll your own controller for about $20.00 for any one of these 0-10v manometers regardless of make or model.

For penning gauges and ionization gauges they have many stock controllers, especially for ion gauges. Pennings tend to need a custom controller unless they of the more modern electronically linearized designs.

All the above is general data and is to be taken as such.

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