Cleaning/Repairing Edwards E2M5

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Richard Hull
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Re: Cleaning/Repairing Edwards E2M5

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:20 pm

10 or even 15 microns is about the best one can ever hope for on a used pump. and will perform flawlessly using a diff pump or turbo. Short of a rebuild I would not expect much better. You have done the best that might be expected for a used pump. From my point of view, you are good to go for use in a real fusor. Even with the oil as is, you have a fine pump.

Richard Hull
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Ameen Aydan
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Re: Cleaning/Repairing Edwards E2M5

Post by Ameen Aydan » Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:14 pm


Bruce Meagher gave me his gauge to use and test and it’s giving the exact same results. 25 torr and that’s the max. My gauge reads 35 torr so I do need to calibrate slightly. Does anyone know if it is bad if I don''t calibrate? This clearly shows that there is nothing wrong with my gauge.

He did give me an intake flange but it was too big. Does anyone have one the are willing to lend me for a month or two? Email me thank you

These results are still using the Teflon seal. Because I got 13 micron last try then it seems that my problem is the inlet not being secure enough. I doubt that my pump would be doing something wrong if I previously got anything a good result...

An inlet should do the job

Ameen Aydan

John Futter
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Re: Cleaning/Repairing Edwards E2M5

Post by John Futter » Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:57 am

Get rid of the teflon tape
use loctite 569 Hydrulic sealant (thickliquid) or Loctite 290 (superwickin)
Teflon tape is for plumbing of water systems not high vacuum

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