Making a SHV connector

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Rich Feldman
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Making a SHV connector

Post by Rich Feldman » Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:11 pm

Would be nice to have a SHV connector on the end of a cable today. They aren't super expensive to get by mail, even brand new, for example from Field Components.
Impatient and itching to fabricate something, I undertook to make one out of BNC connector parts on hand.
Started with an unused BNC plug, and drilled out the plastic insulator. Gotchas are 1) plastic spinning in place and 2) plastic distorting in radial direction and bending the fingers of spring sleeve.
The BNC spring sleeve doesn't stick out past the knurled bayonet sleeve, as it would in a proper SHV plug. But it still makes contact with SHV jack well before the HV conductors meet. When fully mated, it almost reaches the end of slightly tapered entry section.

The inner conductor receptacle contact was pulled out of a BNC panel mount jack. Back end has a solder cup, and the part is much longer than it ought to be for a plug on a cable. I think the original BNC plug braid connection and cable clamping details would be un-usable anyway.
Then as luck would have it, my small rigid tubing bin had some 3/16" round material (PVC from model shop?) with an ID well suited for the inner contact. No turning work, and the only drilling was to counterbore one end to admit the cable dielectric.
The braid connection and cable securing detail is on hold until Monday, in case I can get use of a cable crimping tool and some crimp sleeves.
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Richard Hull
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Re: Making a SHV connector

Post by Richard Hull » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:29 pm

Great kludge!!!

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