Hello from California

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Miles Hawley
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Hello from California

Post by Miles Hawley » Mon May 14, 2018 10:12 pm

Hello my name is Miles Hawley.

I am a sophomore in high school ready to embark on the voyage of fusion. I have been hovering around this sight for a while, reading up on the FAQ's, articles, and technical discussions absorbing all the knowledge you provide. I already have a design ready, and am aiming for complete fusion and neutron detection. I just wanted some advice on my choice of materials.

For the chamber, I was originally going to use 2 304 SS 6" diameter, .120" thick hemispheres, but then saw someone used a 2.75" 4-way cross conflate, and was wondering which one would be better. The only problem is there are only, 4 lines in the 4-way cross and I need 5 for a gas line, electrical line, pressure line, vacuum line, and view port, any suggestions?

The inner grid I decided will be made out of 1mm thick tungsten wire.

My main problems are dealing with the high voltage supply and vacuum pumps. I read the "#1 FAQ - HERE IS THE BASIC FUSOR!," and decided to go with the " Basic fusion device - View options all, Pressure options all, metering options volts and amps; vacuum options ALL; Gas options #2,#5; radiation options #1,#3; power supply option will have a 0-30kvdc supply." However I am having trouble finding an adequate power supply. The ideal power supply should be 0-30kv 10-20mA DC, with negative polarity. I know you can get this from an x-ray transformer which I am find with if I cant find anything else. I would appreciate if anyone knew of people selling one of these devices or a power supply fit to power a fusor. Another problem I am having is understanding the concept of using a variac with a normal transformer. Across this forum I have seen people who have set up their variac and the led it into their transformer, which then led to the feed through, but how does that work, any schematics?

My second problem is dealing with the vacuum system, anybody know of fairly cheap but good vacuum's that could be used for a basic working fusion reactor, any suggestions will help.

Sorry if this was long, and sorry if this was in the wrong place, but thought you should know me and what I want to do, I look forward to working with the people on this forum.


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