Cutting edge GM counter (1953)

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Rex Allers
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Re: Cutting edge GM counter (1953)

Post by Rex Allers » Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:36 am

Wow. I, at first, thought you were linking the GM counter manual.

All about neon lamps, 1966. Really cool, man. More than 100 pages. I'll have to digest it slowly.

One comment. I wish the guy that wrote the (pencil?) notes in it had better handwriting. Looks like good additions.

As for the Eveready reply. I don't want to get into, "Hey, you kids, get off my grass", mode, so I'll just let it pass.
Rex Allers

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Rich Feldman
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Re: Cutting edge GM counter (1953)

Post by Rich Feldman » Wed Jun 26, 2019 12:52 am

My first and only 90 volt battery was pretty old stock in about 1970.

Dad had taken me to J & H Outlet store in San Carlos. There we found all the parts
for a neon glow lamp blinker (relaxation oscillator) circuit in an already-old magazine or book.
Don't know if I've ever gotten an electric shock from a battery after that one.
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Richard Hull
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Re: Cutting edge GM counter (1953)

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:10 am

Be glad you didn't stumble onto the 510 volt battery. It could supply a few milliamps! I laid eyes on a 510v batt in Batteries Plus. They have recessed, flat, silver-plated pad contacts. (see previous photo) When new, they are covered with a plastic insulating film. When placed into service, the battery door has a spring that forces the top of the battery into spike contacts in the photo flash battery holder. These pierced the film to make contact.

I have been shocked by the naked button contacts on the 90 volt jobs when a young boy...WOW!...DC is nasty. If you are at all sweaty the 67.5 volt battery will ring the old bell, too.

Richard Hull
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